Jacket Technique Master Practitioner Training

All about this JT - Master training.

During this two days master training you will learn and be supervised in the advanced Jacket technique clearing techniques.

Acceptance into the Jacket Technique Master Practitioner Training
Prior to applying for the advanced Jacket Technique Master practitioner training Module III you will have to have successfully completed the Jacket Technique Basic Practitioner Training.


  • You learn to remove more specific Jackets, that effect our general well being.
  • You learn to develop new Jackets.
  • You learn to work with higher consciousness Jackets.
  • You learn to re program wellness programs with your Higher Self.
  • You learn to effective treat subconscious unwillingness.
  • You learn to restore and heal our body and organ fields.
  • You learn to treat (core) trauma's.
  • You learn how to reconnect our body with it's original blueprint.
  • You learn to erase the negative trail of the past.
  • And much, much more.

Every participate receives comprehensive training material and a certificate.

Total cost of this three days Module III training is €695.00.