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    Hans de Waard, Founder of the Jacket Technique

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About Hans de Waard

Hans de Waard, paramedical professional, developer, coach, trainer and now also an author. His passion is to support and encourage people to rely fully on their own strength and go through life relying on their own feelings, in health and with the least amount of effort. After studying physiotherapy, he worked in the pharmaceutical and orthopedic reconstruction industries. Subsequently, he started a medical development business which, amongst others, developed a State of the Art non-cemented hip prosthesis, the Symax.

From an early age, he was interested and involved in spiritualism and more and more he went in search of ways to free himself and others from burdening and restrictive pasts. He investigated and experienced all kinds of energy treatment techniques, but none were fulfilling. As a result, he developed the Jacket Technique and Jacket Technique Healing for people, animals, the home and business.

His vision is that the excess baggage that we carry stops us from growing and from taking responsibility - without blinkers - for ourselves, one another and our environment. In his words, 'I believe in a game of life whereby each of us previously chose a part to play, grow and experience life together'. A part that ideally suits us, that nurtures us at all levels. A part that I, in any case, had forgotten. To find out which part this is, I have had to get rid of all my excess baggage. Now, after years of resistance, I have allowed myself to be carried along by the natural flow of my Life, whereby I let myself be led by my initial feelings. In this way, Life more and more shows me who I am and what suits me without me having to fill in the details, effortless. And every day, this picture becomes more attractive, clearer and more exciting'.

Hans already trained worldwide many thousands practitioners in both the medical and paramedical field. Hans is a motivational international speaker and delivers a unique, humorous and life changing speech and presentation.