Participate in Life again
- Hans de Waard -

You can almost tell when someone is in the flow and actively participating in life. These people are very visible to others. They radiate an immense amount of positive energy. When YOU walk through Life and no one sees you, you should probably ask yourself: Am I really joining in on Life? Do I stand open and ready to receive all that Life has in store for me? Or have I just taken a seat on the sidelines?

When you sit on the sidelines it is like holding onto the bottom of the river, the River of Life, as you solemnly watch Life pass you by. When you do this, it sometimes seems that the others cannot see you, hear you, or do not even appear interested in you at all. Is that due to the others or that you are just not interested in yourself? If you do not join the Game of Life, it can be difficult to be heard or seen. If you want a new partner or job, it is of course helpful that people can see you! Compare yourself to an athlete who likes to show off his talent. This unfortunately cannot be shown as long as he is sitting on the sidelines. In this same way we can easily place ourselves off to the side in different areas of our lives. For instance, in relationships or in our work.

The Jacket Technique can help you release the unwanted blocks that have put you on the sidelines. Then you can stand up and let yourself be seen again. Point your finger to the referee and say, "I want to play." This will make you visible again, Just watch it happen!

Releasing yourself from the bottom of the river and go with it's flow is like stepping on the game field of Life again but that does not mean that you are actively participating. You still must get involved. Step out of your house with the intention and thought of "Now I’ll play again!" An active attitude toward life in which you respond to what’s coming your way. So if you get the ball, shoot it and make sure to do it with feeling.

To me, life is about movement and going forward. Driven by my desire to keep moving in Life, I subsequently visualized a river a number of times every day, which I called the river of my destiny and I allowed myself to drift - at least for ten seconds - in it like a piece of wood. In this way, I continued to consciously draw up my anchors, and life was able to show me who I am and what suits me. If you’d like to escape an unpleasant or difficult situation, you’ll have to move. If you’re stuck in a relationship or in a job, you’ll see that you’re not moving with the flow in your thoughts. Consciously you can make yourself go with the flow again. In this way you’ll bring movement to your - unpleasant or difficult - situation, helping you to learn from it, to let go and move forward.


Living in the Now! First erase the trail behind you.
- Hans de Waard -

In each of our own ways, we have arrived where we are now. The life experiences and choices we have made up to this point have formed the trails in the sand of our lives. In our backpack we carry the weight of the unprocessed burdens and issues from our past. Regularly our consciousness is drawn back along this trail to the past. For example because we have not learned from our lessons and or emotions have not yet been processed. How can I live in the Now when the Past still pulls at my thoughts? The solution is simple I thought, you must become aware of your burdens and release them. This of course could be done with the Jacket Technique. Indeed I noticed that my thoughts wandered less to previous encounters and situations, but still, occasionally the past would keep me occupied. Something keeps pulling me back onto the trails from the past. By now I know why. In my life I have met many people. This trail refers to those encounters by which someone (including myself) still is experiencing a bad feeling. I sometimes have been rude in encounters. I also have hurt people consciously and unconsciously, intentionally or unintentionally physically and or mentally. Every action, every meeting and every choice in life has not only made sure that you are where you are now, and who you are now, but has also indirectly closed certain roads or at least made them appear to be closed. For example, when you became angry at your neighbor 5 years ago, could mean that he no longer wished to talk to you and might keep his door closed for you in the present. In this way the trail of our past keeps us from moving completely free in the present.

What I became aware of after releasing the weight of the past, was that there still were people walking around who carried a bad feeling associated with meeting me in the past. The negative emotions, projections and convictions between me and those people indirectly maintain the trail behind me. Should I forgive them? Or should they just forgive me? I cannot go and call them all one be one? Besides, maybe these people are not even wanting my phone call. This is not the solution. I know now that I have created these meetings at whatever level of consciousness by myself. How annoying this is to me sometimes but I've learned from it and have had much growth from it.

To make a long story short; I have given my higher self the task of purging all those annoying situations and moments from my perception, or from someone else´s perception, consciously or unconsciously, intentionally or unintentionally, in a way and manner that feels right for all involved. Actually hereby you transform, in a positive energy, the annoying emotions between you and the other which actually blur the 'real' image of each other. You can see a lot of this in daily life. Think about a quarrel between two people. Because of the 'smoke' of anger between people we do not really see the other as they truly are and then we make impulsive decisions. By doing this we often ignore each other for weeks, if not years. By clearing the anger it again creates an open and clear situation in which all involved can objectively see each other again and act out of their true feelings.
When I asked my higher self to clean these blurring types of emotions, it felt like the trail in the sand was erased by the wind. And believe me or not, my thoughts did not wander back off to the past. The special thing about it was that people with whom I had a conflict in the past, suddenly called.
How simple can it be?

Now the trail of the past is erased, my thoughts are no longer drawn to the past. Yet I noticed that there was still something pulling me out of the Now. Do you know thoughts like: I wish it were next week ... I want that assignment today. Thus you do not live consciously in the Now. These thoughts are created by feelings of insecurity, impatience and need for control. We mentally try and speed ourselves up in the flow of Life. When we do this, we are drifting at high speed right past our key growth opportunities and chances in life. If you get somewhere too fast you're not ready for it. And therefore, by definition, your environment isn't either. The result is misunderstanding with all its consequences. Understand that life is about the journey, this moment in the Now. Letting off of the gas throttle is good. It relaxes you, saves your energy and gives you more time to breath.


Working with your Higher Self
- Hans de Waard -

People often look at each other through colored glasses.

Therefore you cannot see the other as they actually are and others do not see you as you really are. Learn how you can purify unpleasant emotions and connections between you and others.

Transform the colored glasses which we use to look at each other on daily bases.



The lenses of the glasses are colored by:

  • emotions (like fear, anger, sadness, insecurity, dependence, responsibility, guilt, frustration, etc.)
  • beliefs
  • projections

By clearing these emotions, beliefs and projections between you and others, there again arises an open and transparent situation where all involved can see each other 'objectively' again and can act from their feelings. A hassle or disagreement does not last long anymore. The air is cleared and new conversations are possible again. You then do not make unnecessary or impulsive decisions with negative emotions anymore.
From my point of view there is only one energy that is positive between people and that is Love. Each well-intentioned belief or projection we have distorts the objective view towards others. Here is an example. Suppose you say to me that a certain person, whom I do not know, is so nice and sincere. This conviction and projection will blur the glasses through which I look at him or her. I really want to experience and judge this myself. The negative version of this scenario you of course also know. How many people live heavily biased towards each other because of this for years?

Purification with your Higher Self
Everything is energy! Even negative emotions, negative projections, beliefs and connections. You can easily transform these with your Higher Self. Who is your Higher Self? That's you Now or you later seen in linear time at a higher level of reality. In the book "The Jacket Technique" you can read more about this. In short, Your Higher Self has fewer blocked qualities and has been developed further. Your Higher Self is capable of transformation. By this I mean the conversion of a 'negative' energy into a positive one. I call this clearing.

Your higher self can purify anything you are aware of and anything you are targeting your intention on. So once again, you must always consciously identify what you want to purify. You do this with your intention and By focusing your attention on it.

Our eyes as a test sensor!
To offer something more "security" or confidence there is a simple kinesiological test method that uses the extremely sensitive eyelids as a measuring tool or test instrument. This tool helps you "see" if something is present which you cannot see. How does this work? Suppose you feel insecure. Now, when you focus your intention on the existing "energy" of this insecurity your eyelids will tremble when that feeling is there. When you have purified and removed this energy with your Higher Self, the trembling of the eyelids automatically stops. Its simple really.

How to do it?
Connect to the appropriate emotions (and so on) by focusing your intention to them. Are they present (which is almost always the case) then your eyes will tremble. Then command your Higher Self to clear and remove. When this happens (usually after 5-10 sec.), you will notice that your eyes are calm again. By actually releasing this 'negative' emotion, you'll find that you can breathe deeply again and you may feel your feet more 'flowing'.
Emotions come and go, especially in a rough period. For example in a conflict situation at work or in a struggling relationship. That's why I recommend you clear and remove these emotions between you and others on a daily bases. Meanwhile you stay in the flow, so that life will also be able to help.

In a similar manner you can also purify limiting connections between you and others.

Releasing limiting and energy draining cords between you and others
A cord between people is typified by life energy flowing from one to the other through the cord: one becomes tired, the other gets more energy. Do you recognize a situation in with you meet someone and immediately feel tired? Or that you have a conversation on the phone during which you struggle to hold the receiver to your ear because can´t bear to hear that person´s voice, become tired and annoyed by the conversation, but don´t have the courage to end the call because you fear the caller´s reaction or the possible consequences? When this happens, you know that you somehow have a cord with that person.
Cords are created and allowed to form from three basic emotions:

  • guilt
  • responsibility
  • dependency

Even so, the other can dump their negative emotions via this link on you. You feel tired and the other gets fit. Before you break these connections, it is important that you are aware of the underlying emotion and why you give away your energy. Getting angry with the other person really makes no sense. You do it yourself!

How to do it:

  • Focus first on the emotion and give the command to your the Higher Self to clear and remove it.
  • Focus your intention on the cord and give your Higher Self the command 'clear and remove ".
  • Focus your intention on the life energy you've given away and command your Higher Self to get it back.
  • Focus your intention at all the burdens you've taken over. And now again, "purify and remove".


Ego good or bad?
- Hans de Waard -

Many use the term "ego" very freely. Unlike for example a chair, you can not describe your ego, because you can not see or hold it. Ego is something intangible, making it difficult to understand. From many perspectives people look and talk, mostly negative, about ego. I joined this perspective also! A year ago, I saw ego as something negative, something that is associated with living from power and control. This need for power and control is fueled by our collective feelings of fear and uncertainty. Now I adjust my perspective. Don't we put too much against the ego? Let me explain. The burdens which we carry with us, form directly or indirectly, our personality. Any kind of personality in my mind is: ego! Think of this weight - blocks - as negative thoughts, beliefs, life patterns, unresolved traumatic experiences, etc. So long as we, in whatever form, carry these burdens with us, there remains ego, which is what makes us different from each other. So yes, I've ego ... and you too! Nice, I have again wrote myself out of this perspective!

Ego ­ from a different perspective - is really fun and exciting too. It makes you, and me different from others, when actually we are one and playing Game of Life with 'ourselves'. Ego makes life interesting and creates challenges. There is no good movie without bad guys, right? Ego or personality helps us, each at his or her own pace, to become aware and to grow.

However, ego is annoying when we (and our environment as a reflection of ourselves) in any way whatsoever, are negatively affected by it. This makes us more or less aware of the burdens that we carry with us. That's probably the moment you can and want to let go of a part of that ego - read blocks - . The Jacket Technique can help you with this.

Ego has also helped us to grow in consciousness. Let us be thankful for that. Bruce Lipton refers to this nicely "embrace a disease because it has something to say and helps us grow in consciousness." According to him, therefore, we should not fight an illness with violence, but respectfully approach it. Ask yourself what the disease wants to tell you. I do not want to label ego as a disease. Anyway, embrace ego as something beautiful, see it as useful and gradually let go the part that no longer feeds you.
Without judging!

Without friction, no shine!


Kids help us to look at ourselves
- Hans de Waard -

Many parents come to me because it does not go too well with their children. It seems like more and more children suffer from stress, anxiety, concentration problems and behavioral disorders. I noticed that the cause often lies with the parents.

Children often unconsciously take, out of a kind of soul agreement (to collectively grow in consciousness), blocks - negative thoughts, beliefs, life patterns, unresolved traumatic experiences, etc - over from their parents, which the parents themselves are unable or unwilling to look at, as a way to hold up a mirror to the parents. It’s very logical then that children are affected by that. This is in my eyes a significant part of the underlying cause of ADHD, ADD, autism, PDD-NOS or borderline. If our children are not comfortable in their own skin we of course as parents look for the solution because for our children we do everything, right?

In this way children help us Indirectly to solve our own problems. Unfortunately, the behavior of our children is placed all too often and too eagerly in boxes and controlled with medication so that we collectively can avoid to look at ourselves.

Anyway. See for yourself how your children are feeling and how you feel. Perhaps you see or experience parallelism. When I feel good, trust me, I notice that my children are much happier.
By releasing our blocks and consciously looking at ourselves, we might just solve naturally, some of the problems our children are faced with.


Help!, I Do not want to let go
- Hans de Waard - 

The jacket technique allows us to clear up a lot of unwanted blocks. Within the Jacket Technique we work and release unwanted blocks in respect with the free will. That means also in respect with the subconscious will. Sometimes we subconsciously want, for whatever reasons, not to move forward in life and we keep ourselves attached to past trauma and or negative habits (like smoking, eating, alcohol addiction) as well as other life patterns. When you are unsuccessful in releasing a past trauma, negative habit or pattern of life, it is then likely that your unconscious mind simply does not want to let go. Here an example of origin and consequences of an unconscious unwillingness:

Take a person who at one point had a happy relationship then for whatever reason has a traumatic or difficult ending of the relationship. It is likely that the person will consciously want a new relationship again at some point but through the stored traumatic experience that lies in his or her subconscious with regard to the past relationship an unwillingness arises, "I do not want to experiencing this misery and pain again". This subconscious unwillingness undermines or ruins a new relationship or may create words, thoughts and excuses that make it difficult to create or even attract a new relationship at all.

When we consciously want something and it does not come into our lives there is a real chance that there is unwillingness on the unconscious level. So similar as in the example above, Our conscious and unconscious battle a lot or disagree on many life issues. This inner dispute creates on a daily bases inner emotions and therefore feelings off tension and stress. these life issues could relate to everything you can imagine: happiness, health, standing in your power, releasing of an addiction etc.

If you treat the subconscious unwillingness on various topics in your life you will find that you will become more peaceful with yourself. The inner argument has been settled and there now is harmony on a conscious and unconscious level on those specific aspects of life. So in the example above, you agree that the inner you wants a new relationship and is receptive to it. What you do then is entirely up to you.

My experience is that you at some point will be confronted with your subconscious unwillingness on several life aspects. Especially when you almost reach the point of getting ´there´. That´s the point your subconscious unwillingness hits the breaks and as a result of that you will feel stuck in life. You can easily test yourself whether you have ­ on an subconscious level ­ an unwillingness to a specific life aspect by using a kinesiological test method (see blog. Working with your Higher Self). In the case of a smoking addiction you can then ask, "Am I ­ conscious and subconscious ­ willing to let go of this smoking addiction? If not your eyelids are calm.

Here just a few examples of "questions" that we can ask to our subconscious.

  • Do I want to live?
  • Do I want to be healthy?
  • Do I want to let go of this disease or condition?
  • Do I want to let go of the suffering?
  • Do I have a good night's sleep?
  • Do I want the treatment or therapy to work?
  • Do I want to succeed in life?
  • Do I want to let go of bad luck and misfortune?
  • Do I want to be visible?
  • Do I want to be successful?

So now you are aware of the possibility of an unconscious ´unwillingness´ related to a specific life aspect, you can do something about it. Every Jacket Technique practitioner is trained to tackle effectively and permanently the unwillingness by using a combination of three existing techniques, EFT, EMDR and the Jacket Technique.  


Embrace life
- Hans de Waard -

By now we feel and are becoming more aware that our environment and what is happening to us is a direct reflection of who we are, and how we feel. Let me explain. If you are you angry then you consequently draw angry people to you. If you were to send them away, you would simply attract new angry people to replace them. Everything we push away from us, ignore or fight against, ends up back in our reality precisely because it´s simply redrawn or attracted by something inside of us and by how we function in life. By the word 'something' you can think of: emotions, trauma, negative beliefs, convictions, limiting life patterns, etc. Also a subconscious unwillingness, congenital or hereditary, disease or illness doesn´t develop by itself. The burdens which we carry with us as human beings, 'blocks' more or less the access to our feelings and thus indirectly encourages us to act against the current or natural flow of life. In this way we might hold on to a particular job or relationship which doesn´t serve our highest good. This causes disease or illness to develop easier as well as a recovery process that could likely be blocked.

When a disorder, illness, conflict or an unfortunate situation is ignored, pushed away or we blame others, we miss the opportunity to see what is inside ourselves that created it or attracted it in the first place. As a result, little or no change happens and a disease or condition may end up developing further or can even return. This is also supported by Bruce Lipton in the movie "The Living Matrix".

Therefore it is essential that you embrace life with all that it brings as a reflection of something inside you. The Jacket Technique can subsequently help you to release the blocks that have attracted and caused, for example, a conflict or disease. When I come across an unfortunate situation the first thing I do in my mind is to embrace it because it must have been attracted by something inside of me(emotions, self punishment program). I now know that I can learn something from this. With the Jacket Technique I can release the blocks inside of me. Then I visualize drifting on the current of the River of Life asking Life to help me solve this situation, illness etc. in a way that feels right for all people involved.

So heal yourself by embracing Life!