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The book "The Jacket Technique" is published in the UK, US and other English speaking countries by Ayni Books.

A beautiful gift for anyone who wants to get rid of excessive baggage. This book contains all the background information on the unwanted blocks we carry with us and the Playboard of Life. It also offers you original and helpful exercises allowing you to take off a great number of jackets yourself.

Free complete Jacket Technique session:
Note: On page 150 in this book you can find the login code to access the complete online Jacket Technique session at no cost. Enjoy!


AYNI Books
ISBN 978-1-84694-217-4
UK £11.99
US $19.95

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Reviews on the book "The Jacket Technique"

I love your book, I love the simplicity of it and your reasoning. It was while I was on holiday with my husband, in Iceland for few days in January, that I did my first shedding of jackets, using the book. I could not believe it - instead of my parents taking over my life and taking up 90% of my time and energy, in that moment I saw all the space in front of me and they were only a small part of it. I have since done the on-line and need to do more, I know. My husband commented on the change and I do feel more able to cope and to be 'myself'. I love re-reading the book as I find new thoughts each time, every line a gem! And I like your sense of humour which comes through. I am retired now but have practiced reflexology and Reiki for over 20yrs. Reiki is still, of course, part of my everyday.

Following my success, I then got onto both friends not to dally but just DO IT! And they did! I have just bought another three books for my step-daughters and told them it is the most precious gift. I am telling lots of other people too!

Have you tried to work with your beliefs to make positive changes in your life, but fallen short? Then Hans de Waard's The Jacket Technique is a must­read. Written in clear layman’s terms, de Waard tackles the most challenging areas of personal reality creation with great skill, compassion, and practicality. His jacket technique provides the skilful means to uncover and finally neutralize the core beliefs at the root of negative relationships, health, creativity, and abundance manifestations. He integrates difficult themes like reincarnation, karma, and the soul in a fun and optimistic way. In short, De Waard puts the responsibility of reality creation exactly where it belongs, on the individual, and provides a useful set of tools to overcome any obstacle you face. Paul M. Helfrich, Ph.D. |

Although this is quite a short book it encompasses a wealth of spiritual information and is very easy to read. The first part of the book is devoted to how we came into this reality. It explains how and why we hold onto our resistance to the natural flow of life, holding ourselves back from everything good that life can and wants to offer us. His explanation of the concept of time is particularly intriguing and helps to explain why it can be so difficult to 'live in the now.' The author makes it clear that this book is written from his own beliefs and point of view, asking us to suspend our own convictions - an approach I would definitely recommend.

He explains what he terms 'The Game of Life' in clear, simple, eloquent terms - making a seemingly complex subject surprisingly easy to grasp, injecting a lot of humour too.

The Jacket Technique part of the book clearly identifies the many layers of energy that we acquire in our lives - which is what the author refers to as 'jackets' - and how to quickly and easily start to remove the unhelpful ones.

There is also a useful link to a free online Jacket Technique session.

The timing seems right for a book like this and I'm sure many will find it useful in helping them progress on their spiritual journey, whether they're new to the subject or well versed in the many theories of life, the universe and everything. Ultimately I found this
to be an inspiring book full of hope about an approach to leaving our baggage behind and coming together again as one. Definitely a keeper.

Review by Janette G Pearson for Health and Happiness UK

I could tell you about this book being well written and enjoyable. I could tell you about all the different 'jackets' it can help you take off eg addiction, codependency, self confidence etc etc. I could tell you I skipped through the first part quickly to begin my experience of the jacket technique itself. Or i could tell you that the writer's style and story are cosy and intellegent. Or i could just say the end result: IT WORKS! Or it did for me. I am not sure how and don't necessarily need to know. it just worked. Collette Brown

I really liked this. The author has just the right touch. His writing inspires, gives hope and has a very reader friendly style. Each exercise is well explained as is the overall philosophy behind them. Well structured and containing a wealth of knowledge and information. A very useful book that could make a positive difference to many people. Krystina, John Hunt Publishing

A useful book. I am always keen on ways for people to be helped in the removal/healing of holding patterns and stressors: inner and outer, and this book offers that. It is an easy read. Author has a good platform and I see this book as valuable to those seeking info and self-help as well as an add-on for therapists. Barbara, John Hunt Publishing

I really like the authors overall approach/style. John, John Hunt Publishing

I actually like the idea of this. It has quite a snazzy sound to it, "The Jacket Technique" and it resonated with me right away. A readable book and the concepts are easy to grasp. I think the book has a universal appeal. It´s structured in a unique way and I thought the exercises original and helpful. Maria, John Hunt Publishing

I just wanted to thank you for writing this book, it´s wonderful and the free online session is amazing. While reading your book it was as if I heard you speaking. It´s exactly who you are, complete with humor. Maria

Yesterday I have received your book and today I read it in one sitting. What recognition! It´s really a wonderful book. It is an easy read full off humor. It is tremendous. Vera

After listening to the free online session, I feel so much different. I am cheerful and enthusiastic. Also, the people surrounding me are much more friendly and helpful to me. And this in such a short time! Guy

The book The Jacket technique really works! My life has been accelerated and wonderful changes continue to come in my life ... .. Monique

This book is written with humor and expressed clearly how limiting blocks are formed and even better it helps you to get rid of them. Bas

Clear and crispy writing. And the best thing is: it really works!. I feel so much better and have much more energy. Make me less worried about things I do not control. Applicable when it suits you. It takes some practice but you will notice the result. Finally a book which is understandable written and usable. The free online Jacket Technique session makes it complete. C

The book is written clearly and with humor, making it very easy to read. There is a clear explanation on how we build ballast and more importantly how to get rid off it! The knowledge in this book enriches you by giving you insights and standing more positive in life. Definitely a must! I.