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Terms and conditions Jacket Technique International

These terms and conditions are applied to all activities, meetings, seminars, workshops, lectures and naturopathic treatments Jacket Technique International. Activities, meetings, seminars, workshops and lectures in these terms and conditions described as 'activity'. A naturopathic treatment is also described as 'treatment'.

Article 1: In these terms and conditions shall apply: a. "student or client" means the person to an activity or treatment for which instructions are given, participates. b. 'Client' means the person (student or client) to whom JAM de Waard - also known as Jacket Technique International - when registering for an activity or treatment confirms in writing or orally.
Article 2: Registration and provision of assignment. 1. The registration for an activity takes place exclusively via the appropriate form on the website of the Jacket Technique International. 2. Tenders shall be deemed to be accepted by Jacket Technique International after Jacket Technique International in writing or electronically confirms. Said confirmation is proof of enrollment, the agreement between the Jacket Techinque International and the Jacket Technique client is created. 3. Cancellation of registration of agreement takes place through an email sent to Jacket Technique International by the client before the activity is started, where the calculation within the following cancellation fee start after the receipt of this email Jacket Technique International, as the moment of cancelling. Cancellation until 14 days before the activity, no fee will be charged. If you cancel less than 14 days prior to the activity, the calcellation fee payable by the client is 50%. For cancellations within 24 hours prior to the activity, the full fee will be charged to the client. 4. Within 7 working days after the conclusion of the agreement, the client may terminate the agreement in the form of an email sent to Jacket Technique International without cause to terminate, unless the service prior to the expiration of the period with the consent of the client has already begun . 5. After commencement of the course cancellation is impossible. By not attending to the activity the financial liability will not expire to Jacket Technique International. 6. Appointments for treatments can be made by phone or in writing. Treatments up to 24 hours in advance can be canceled. Within 24 hours the full fees will be charged to client.
Article 3: Testing and Certification Jacket Technique Internationals. 1. After participating in a training of the Jacket Technique, each student receives a certificate of participation. 2. For certification is required to participate in the review. 3. The method of testing the theoretical knowledge and practical skills are described in the relevant of Jacket Technique International, the costs shall be as specified in the relevant study need to be met. 4. Jacket Technique International provides a degree of training which is registered at the time that all the described requirements are met. 5. Jacket Technique International indicates the degree of using the name listed on the registration form.
Article 4: Identification of Jacket Technique International. 1. The student is required at registration to submit personal information and, if requested before the start of the activity to identify yourself.
Article 5: Restitution upon interim termination. 1. Refund of fees paid shall only take place with Jacket Technique trainings, and only when a termination of the program is the result of a serious illness or emergency. In the event of such termination Jacket Technique International may require proof in the form of a medical certificate or otherwise, in the absence of such provision the agreement will not be terminated.
If the client want to terminate the program for the aforementioned reasons, the amount of the already completed part - in percentage - will be charged. This percentage is the number of class days divided by the total number of days in the training x 100%. Interim termination by the client shall be in writing via email or a letter with acknowledgment of receiving ("return signature") addressed to Jacket Technique International. Should the student without reason and without termination no longer participate in the training, the student will remain to pay the full amount of tuition.
Article 6: Rollover of an activity. 1. Shifting occurs when the student or client requests Jacket Technique International to place his or her participation in an activity or treatment at a later date. This may be done in writing or by email. In all cases Jacket Technique International shall slide the participation to the new date if the activity starts within six months from original date. In all other cases, the cancellation rule in accordance with Article 2, shifting the date will be seen as a cancellation date. Jacket Technique International will not fee handling costs in the case.
Article 7: Liability. 1. Jacket Technique International is not liable for the damage suffered by the student and (additional) costs resulting from following the activity and / or prematurely terminating it, regardless of cause. 2. Jacket Technique International is not liable for damages and / or loss of personal property of students on any training or treatment site(s). 3. Jacket Technique International is not responsible for printing, set or typographical errors or technical malfunction, the prices, data or other information for treatment activities or incorrectly displayed. Jacket Technique International is not bounded to perform the activity or the treatment for wrong listed prices or terms.
Article 8: Payment Terms. 1. After Jacket Technique International in accordance with art. 2.2. the registration for an activity is accepted the student will receive an invoice within 10 days. A client receives an invoice after treatment. Payment of the invoice must be made on or before the expiry date on the invoice. 2. If not timely paid, the client, without further notice, indebt interest of 1% per month from the due date. If recovery for collection should be transferred to third parties, also all associated costs, both in and out of court will de charged to the client.
Article 9: Copyright on training material. 1. All rights, including copyright, on the Jacket Technique International and composite materials (except commercially available books) remain to Jacket Technique International. No part of this publication may be reproduced and / or published without written permission from Jacket Technique International.
Article 10: Applicability conditions. 1. These terms and conditions apply to all activities and treatments of Jacket Technique International. By registering the client accepts these conditions and is the client also know the enrollment and payment terms and to accept them, and where applicable, the provided of the relevant Jacket Technique International training materials. These terms and conditions, the relating Jacket Technique International training materials are an integral part of the agreement between the client and Jacket Technique International. Changes and / or additions are only possible in writing.
Article 11: Activity data and changes. 1. All data for the training and any reunions are listed on the website Jacket Technique International. 2. If the number of participants in an activity is at the discretion of the Jacket Technique International too small, Jacket Technique International retains the right to, before the start of the course to cancel. 3. Jacket Technique International will do this at least 7 days prior to the activity to the students and will possible provide alternative locations or course dates. Not proceding with the activity or when the student is not provided a good alternative, student will receive the refund within 5 working days of his or her made payments.
Article 12: Changes to curricula and training materials. 1. Jacket Technique International reserves the right (interim) change education programs and training materials if quality improvement or change in national government requirements. 2. Changes to the training materials are available at the appropriate Jacket Technique Intranet. 3. In advance students will be informed by email of changes in the training program.
Article 13: Failure of instructor. 1. Sickness and / or prevention of a teacher Jacket Technique International will where possible provide replacement for equivalent care. 2. If replacement is not possible, the Jacket Technique International will notify student as soon as possible. 3. Jacket Technique International will in that case provide as quickly as possible alternative dates. 4. In case of illness and / or prevention of a teacher a client has no right to (damage) compensation, even if Jacket Technique International due to force majeure or otherwise has any advantage. 5. Additional costs for the care of training days resulting from illness and / or prevention of a teacher lie at Jacket Technique International. 6. Failure of the teacher is no reason for free cancellation. In this case, Article 2 is unaffected.
Article 14. Complaints procedure. 1. Jacket Technique International is committed to provide its clients / students a high quality. In order to improve our quality, we have developed an internal complaint procedure and an opportunity to appeal. 2. Students and clients can both email complaints in writing to Jacket Technique International. 3. The manner how the complaint should be filled in and how it will be handled is described in the Jacket Technique International complaint procedure. This complaint procedure can be found in the relevant training and materials and on the website of Jacket Technique International.
Article 15. Confidentiality of information. 1) All information provided by students / trainees / clients - directly or indirectly - is handled in confidence by Jacket Technique International, its employees and teachers. This also applies to all - personal - information that clients provide to Jacket Technique therapists. Personal confidential information will only be shared with conformation of concerned client / student / trainee. For example t.b.v. peer consultation.
Article 16: The with Jacket Technique International made contracts are issued by Dutch law.

All subscription and payment terms previously published are no longer valid. Drawn in Oss on October 1, 2010.