Frequently asked questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions. Maybe you have a question that is not listed, then you could ask them via the contact form.


What could and should you expect following a Jacket Technique session?

It’s important that everyone has realistic expectations about the results of taking off his or her jackets. And you can expect anything! Of course, what you can and may experience partly depends on your problem pattern, which jacket(s) you take off and how you feel before the Jacket Technique session.
It’s logical that if you felt good before the session, you don’t have to expect improvement. A chronic disease or disorder might also not be healed by taking off the jackets mentioned in this book. Still, we know of a great number of people whose (severe) chronic physical complaints have clearly improved after taking off these jackets, while their regular treatment wasn’t altered. Because there has been no scientific research into this, a causal connection between the Jacket Technique and these improvements cannot be proven or demonstrated. So, concretely, what can you then expect?

  • In terms of fitness, the Jacket Technique scores high. This is because we tackle a number of essential causal reasons why someone, in our opinion, is fatigued. And a bit of extra energy is always appreciated.
  • In general, the majority of people feel a sense of liberation and freedom in the days following a Jacket Technique session. It’s been literally described as a load lifted from their shoulders. This will improve your situation in life and help you move on more easily. You’ll feel more relaxed.
  • By letting go of your burdening past, you’ll literally live your life in the present and in the Now.
  • Without excess baggage you will live more aware, making you literally experience more of life.
  • And in the case of traumatic experiences, we notice very good results after four to six weeks. Many people remember these traumatic experiences, but are no longer affected by them. Their burdens are gone and they can get on with their lives.
  • Generally speaking, we notice that a large percentage of our clients are eventually able to rely on their own strength.
  • A clear acceleration in your spiritual development.
  • External energy threats (black magic, etc.) are also effectively treated using the Jacket Technique. They won’t bother you anymore.
  • After a Jacket Technique session, you’ll be more in touch with your feeling. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll act according to them.
  • People become more aware of their current situations and can, therefore, take important steps in their lives.
  • After a Jacket Technique session, you are able to easily go along with the natural flow of your life, making everything easier and allowing you to live with more self-confidence.


Can anyone participate in a Jacket Technique session?

Yes, anyone can safely take off his or her jackets with the help of this technique. This includes pregnant women and terminally ill people. Everything happens with the intention that it can be done by anyone at any level, be it physical, mental or spiritual. No one has ever fallen ill because of a Jacket Technique session!


Can I let go of all my jackets at once? Is it necessary to repeat a Jacket Technique session? Can I build up jackets again after a session? How do I prevent myself from relapsing?

Can I let go of all my jackets at once?

Yes, you can! Note, in one session we only release that part of our baggage we are aware of, namely the limiting or hindering part of the jackets we wear. When we’re aware of our excess baggage, we can access it and easily remove this hindering part using the Jacket Technique. Awareness is, therefore, an essential factor. For years, I myself have been trying to experience and fathom all the ins and outs of our jackets. When someone has knowledge of something and has spent twenty years acquiring it, he or she can pass it on to someone all at once. In history, many things that have taken years to develop have been passed on in no time at all. Consider all the insight we’ve received from Osho or Buddha, or the vast range of recent medical and technological developments. Our bodies can also deal with suddenly letting go of a large amount of baggage. This is because, within the Jacket Technique, we work with different carefully formulated intentions. So your jackets will be released in respect with your free will and in respect with your essential awareness growth.

Is it necessary to repeat a Jacket Technique session?

The answer is Yes, for two reason. In one session we only release that part of our baggage we are aware of, namely the limiting or hindering part off your jackets. After releasing this part, the underlying baggage will surface and might hinder you again. So by releasing your jackets every week - it just takes 15 minutes - you will release more and more excess baggage.

Second, you can rebuild new blocks or baggage. If you do what you did you get what you had!! So if you still ignore you feelings in daily life you might build up new emotions and blocks. Again by releasing your jackets every week you also release this new baggage.

Releasing blocks and interferences is a ongoing process. Which is nice because you will start to feel better and better and have more trust and confidence in Life.

How do I prevent myself from relapsing?
You can prevent relapses by visualizing for 10-20 seconds, five to ten times a day. Do this by seeing yourself letting go of the bottom of the river and having the feeling of surrender, and then see yourself being carried along by the flow of life (the river). This way, you’re in energetic motion and life can show you who you are and which part you’ve chosen on the game board of life. All you have to do is pay close attention to who and what crosses your path and with that, to listen to and act according to your feelings.


Can I experience detoxification problems?

Immediately after our jackets are removed, our bodies will start ejecting the waste products that are released. This takes place in a way that can be easily dealt with at all levels. This means that you wont fall ill or get a cold or diarrhea because of the removal of the jackets. It is advisable though to drink sufficient water and take plenty of vitamins to aid in the elimination process.


What can I do to help myself during the recovery process?

To ensure that you stay in good physical shape, it’s important that you drink enough water. Water is essential in order to drain away the large amounts of waste products that are released by the Jacket Technique. One and a half liters per day is adequate. Don’t drink more than that, because the kidneys need to be able to process the water. Also remember that when excess water is drained, you lose all kinds of advantageous minerals and nutrients. Of course, this varies per individual. Some people need more water than others. Practical rule of thumb: your urine should be light yellow. If it’s clear, you’re drinking too much.

Secondly, take extra vitamin supplements. A balanced and stable dietary pattern is important in order for us to feel good. Through this, we get all the essential fuels, vitamins and minerals that we need. Even if you eat well balanced and a varied diet, I recommend that you take extra vitamin and mineral supplements for at least six weeks after taking off your jackets. The taking off of jackets releases waste products that must be drained, and our bodies use vitamins and minerals during this process. If you lack these, you’ll feel less healthy. You can suffer from a vitamin deficiency without even knowing it! Such a deficiency develops gradually. The early stages of such a condition can include vague symptoms like hair loss, subdued appetite, and fatigue, lack of concentration, irritability, listlessness and insomnia. This is also called a hidden or marginal vitamin deficiency because there are still no obvious symptoms of a vitamin deficiency. Because of our current lifestyles, and especially our diets, most of us don’t take in enough vitamins and minerals. We leave ourselves open to various forms of stress. Job stress, social stress and environmental stress such as noise, chemical substances and electromagnetic radiation. To combat these, the body again uses more vitamins and minerals than it used to. The way in which we eat, and especially what we eat, causes severe deficiencies. This isn’t due to eating too little, but rather due to eating too much and eating the wrong foods. All processed food products (ready-made meals, canned foods, all so-called junk food) contain too few nutrients that also aren’t easily absorbed.

Microwave ovens destroy all food heated in them and make the nutrients difficult to absorb. But our modern agricultural methods have also played their part in ensuring that fruit and vegetables contain fewer vitamins and minerals than before. This is because of the use of fertilizers, pesticides, large-scale production, greenhouse growing and especially the improvements to fruit and vegetable species simply to make them appear more attractive. Genetic manipulation has also resulted in a great deal of agricultural and garden produce containing too few vitamins and minerals to keep us healthy.
Do note that even biological fruit and vegetables don’t guarantee that you’ll receive sufficient nutrients. The amount of vitamins and minerals in a carrot, for instance, depends on so many factors that farmers or gardeners have no control of.
Tomatoes produced today now contain fewer vitamins than tomatoes produced fifty years ago. Most multivitamin supplements available are perfectly fine. They differ in dosage, price and composition. Inform yourself well and decide what is best for you.  You can assist your body in draining waste products by regularly exercising and visiting a sauna every so often. Massages are also effective.

Thirdly, be honest with yourself and be positive in life. Take a moment to think about why you say certain things and act in a certain way. In this way, you’ll enjoy much awareness toward your growth. Listen still more to your feeling and trust in life. Be more aware of the positive aspects of those around you. Literally, become less busy. There’s no use in crying over spilt milk. It’s done, and getting angry won’t help a thing. Notice the absurdity of conflict and your need for control and power over yourself and others. This leads you further towards a feeling of surrender and comfort. Life is actually wonderful, but you have to want and be able to see it. So, take note of whom and what you encounter in life. Live consciously. Everything and everybody has something to tell you. This way, you can even find a diamond in a pile of shit. Everything that crosses your path helps you to grow.

Fourthly, support the recovery process using Jacket Technique Healing. This is a simple, yet extremely effective treatment method by which you can use your own healing energy to make your own system, and other people’s energy systems, function optimally every day.

Jacket Technique Healing

Everything in this world needs maintenance, including your physical and energy system. Read more about Jacket Technique Healing on our website.





Can I become Jacket Technique Practitioner?

Anyone, who feels that the Jacket Technique really suits him or her, can become a Jacket Technique therapist. You don’t have to be a mind reader or a spiritual medium, healthy intuition is more than sufficient. The training to become a basic Jacket Technique therapist lasts for two days. Following this training, you’ll be able to remove various jackets in individual or group format. If you like, you can then continue and participate in a variety of further training, like Jacket Technique for animals, homes or businesses. All of these also wear jackets. The basic therapist training is recognized by the most significant professional associations in the Netherlands, and a Dutch association for Jacket Technique therapists exists.


Where can I send questions and comments?

We´d like to hear about how you experienced the Jacket Technique and we´ll answer any questions that you might have as accurately as we possibly can. All observations and comments help us to grow and to refine the technique. You can share your comments and observations, as well as find the contact details of certified Jacket Technique practitioners in your area on our website. These can be found under 'About Us '.