Stay in the Flow

We as humans here on earth participate in the larger Game of Life. We find ourselves in the most physical reality on the Game board. Here, fear has ensured that we carry excess baggage which keeps us here and which has blocked a large part of our initial qualities and abilities.
We can’t see the rest of the Game board where the higher realities and our fellow players are found. We are supposed to grow in awareness in this reality and, via the higher realities, find our way back to where we came from: the Source. Where this is, we don’t know. The only thing that can lead us back to the Source is the invisible flow of Life on the Game board, with which we automatically go along when we surrender to it and subsequently listen to our feeling and act according to it. However, our excess baggage estranges us from our feeling.
Our excess baggage determines how we play the Game and how we see and experience ourselves, our environment and our reality. Our excess baggage influences the way in which we act and the degree to which we cling to our reality and our way of life. Our excess baggage gives color to our thoughts and individual characters and also to the way in which we deal with the challenges and setbacks in life. Our excess baggage has helped us to stimulate one another to grow in this reality.

Meanwhile, we’ve reached the highest awareness level in this reality, and now we experience our excess baggage more and more as a burden. It’s now hampering our individual and collective growth and our progress on the Game board of Life.
Once we’ve learned our lesson and gained insight and, especially, understand why we carry certain excess baggage we can choose to simply let go of the excess baggage that is accompanying us. Or we carry on struggling and continue along the route taken. The choice is ours. Every one of us makes this choice at his or her own pace.
The Jacket Technique will help you let go of your excess baggage when you want to. You’ll become lighter, you’ll gradually gain more confidence and you’ll learn to follow your feelings. Every person lets go and goes along with the flow of Life in his or her own way. How do you go along with the flow of Life?

Visualize for at least 10-15 seconds, five to ten times a day the next steps:

  • Visualize in your mind, your river of Life and let yourself float along it.
  • Let go of the river bottom with a feeling of surrender, and then being carried along by the natural flow of life.
  • Fly like a bird high in the sky, carried by the wind of your Destiny.
  • Let yourself be carried by the wind as a balloon. The direction of the wind is your river of Life.

Do this visualization at times when you're feeling bad or when you have the feeling of pushing against something. At those moments your standing still for a moment. By doing this visualization you´ll come back in the flow and you will have less problems with the other blocks. And if you act more accordingly to your feelings, it will prevent building up more weight or blocks. Compare this block as smoke that comes out of the exhaust of your car. When your moving, you will more easily leave it behind you. But when you're standing still in front of a traffic light, you will feeze more blind from the smoke.

Even if you're in the flow, I recommend that you occasionally release any new blocks using the Jacket Technique session online. Read more about many questions.

Experience the relieving effect off the Jacket Technique here.