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To support people in these turbulent and uncertain times Hans de Waard, creator of The Jacket Technique, is offering a free monthly full release session (every last Sunday of the month at 11 am) at a distance where you will be able to release all kinds of excess baggage from the past. Such as unprocessed emotions related to traumatic experiences, fears, negative life programs, convictions or blocks which cause: stress, tension, fatigue and negative thinking.

Free releasing sessionIf you want to join this free release session at a distance please fill in the subscription form. All you then need to do is - when the session starts - to focus on what you want to release. Just enjoy the experience and let life take care of you.

Just read in advance the tips and comments on this page for best results.


I would love to hear your experience after this free release session.

Hans de Waard

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Tips and comments:

  • Anyone can join this free release session on distance. Everything happens with the intention that it can be done by anyone at any level, be it physical, mental or spiritual. No one has ever fallen ill because of a Jacket Technique session!
  • This releasing session takes approximately 20 minutes. Just lie down, or sit during this session and focus on what you want to let go. If you do not know what you want to release, just enjoy it and allow yourself to release what doesn't serve you anymore.
  • To optimize the result of this release session I would like ask you to visualize - during this session - in your mind, a river and let yourself float along it. Just for 10 to 20 seconds. Do this visualization also at times when you are feeling bad or when you have the feeling of pushing against something. At those moments your standing still for a moment. By doing this visualization you'll come back in the flow of Life and you will have less problems with the other blocks. And if you act more accordingly to your feelings, it will prevent building up more weight or blocks. Compare this block as smoke that comes out of the exhaust of your car. When your moving, you will more easily leave it behind you. But when you're standing still in front of a traffic light, you will feeze more blind from the smoke.
  • I suggest you to read the frequently asked questions first in order to get the right insights and expectations.
  • It's important to drink enough water after this release session in order to drain the waste products.
  • If you do what you did you will get what you had! So, in your own pace, let go of what you don't suite anymore.
  • Participate in Life again.
  • Embrace Life.