How does the Jacket Technique work?

Before I explain how the Jacket Technique works, it is important to first explain that everything is energy: a chair, television, human, animal or planet. They are all nothing but vibrating strings of energy.

Everything consists of nothing but vibrating energy waves!
That everything consists of light and energy, has been made evident by, amongst others, atomic science and emerging quantum physics. When we look deep into our bodies with a powerful microscope, much further than our atoms and subatomic particles, we eventually see nothing other than an invisible, pulsating energy. In her book ‘The Field’, Lynne McTaggert describes in simple terms how scientists like Fritz-Albert Popp and Hal Puthoff through various examinations and experiments, demonstrate that we are actually energetic beings who radiate light. We radiate what´s inside us.

Our own definite bodies are, therefore, not as definite as they seem. In reality, our bodies are nothing more than energy held together in a specific shape by an invisible force. Our blocks ore weight we carry are therefore also nothing but vibrating energy. This weight, or blocks we carry around, causes disorder to our harmonious vibrating energy. Compare it to a guitar string that is not properly tuned. We feel out of balance.

The Jacket Technique tunes the string again. The specific energy practitioners use during a workshop or individual session enables the practitioner to enter deeply into our physical and energetic bodies. This energy, guided by the intentions, of the practitioner, releases and transforms the unwanted blocks. We then feel great again! I realize I described this process in a much more simple way then it actually is. The Jacket Technique Practitioner has an essential influence on accompanying this process.