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Release the past with the Jacket Technique!

The Jacket Technique (JT) is a powerful and liberating healing method which allows the release of tension, similar to a weight which is stored in a 'backpack' and which originates from the past - such as negative life patterns, unprocessed traumas, anxieties, addictions, self punishment programmes and negative convictions about the self. The Jacket Technique was developed by Hans de Waard and is explained in his best-selling book 'The Jacket Technique', available in good bookstores and from Amazon.

Book Review: Have you tried to work with your beliefs to make positive changes in your life, but fallen short? Then Hans de Waard's The Jacket Technique is a must-read. Written in clear layman's terms, de Waard tackles the most challenging areas of personal reality creation with great skill, compassion, and practicality. His "Jacket Technique" provides the skilful means to uncover and finally neutralize the core beliefs at the root of negative relationships, health, creativity, and abundance manifestations. He integrates difficult themes like reincarnation, karma, and the soul in a fun and optimistic way. In short, De Waard puts the responsibility of reality creation exactly where it belongs, on the individual, and provides a useful set of tools to overcome any obstacle you face. ~ Paul M. Helfrich, Ph.D.,

Two Day Professional JT Basic Practitioner Training
In an intensive two day training period, trainees will learn to release and transform unwanted blocks or "jackets" from their clients. When the training is completed, the trainee will receive a Registered Jacket Technique Practitioner diploma. Upon completion of the training, you can directly start your own practice or combine this powerful technique alongside the other modalities you already use. Click here for more information about the JT basic practitioner training. Many thousands of practitioners have been trained already worldwide and all are fully supported in their practice. As a JT practitioner you are allowed to give JT workshops and individual JT sessions. As a JT practitioner you can offer JT workshops and individual session.

The JT training is for anyone who wants to support others through a healing process.  Practitioners do not need to have special healing gifts or particular beliefs. JT training provides an excellent basis for those without previous qualifications, or as an addition for established practitioners, coaches, therapists and healing specialists. This technique can be an adjunct for other healing modalities, treatments and trainings and practitioners have a better result after clients have had their ‘jackets’ removed.

Jacket Technique international (JTI) offers you several professional trainings to help yourself and others with this powerful technique.

So first look what's underneath the jackets and then train, coach or heal. With our jackets on we tend to enforce the convictions and talents we took over from our environment and ancestors. With our jackets on we often learn to mentally overrule our traumas and fears. With jackets on it´s more difficult to find the cause of a complaint. With jackets on you heal, train and coach your jackets instead of the coat rack.

Jacket Technique Basic Practitioner Training (JT)
During this JT Basic Practitioner training you learn to release 'jackets' on yourself and others including the essentials of Jacket Technique coaching. Read more >

Jacket Technique Master Practitioner Training (JTM)
During this JT Master Practitioner training you will learn and be supervised in the advanced Jacket technique clearing techniques. Read more >

Jacket Technique Instructor (JTI)
During this JT Instructor training you learn how to teach new students Basic and Master. Read more >

Jacket Technique Master Trainer (JTMT)
During this JT Master Trainer training you learn to teach instructors and all level. Read more >