World Wide 90watts #035: Dennis Ruyer

World Wide 90watts #035: Dennis Ruyer

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This episode will be a special one, having someone who’s connected to 90watts since a long time.. but this will be his first guest appearance in this radio show… Dennis Ruyer!

Besides: we’re honoured to play for first time on the radio world wide.. a new track by PrinsJan, coming up on 90watts by the end of September.


More about our show host:


1. PrinsJan - Ancient Codes Of Meditation (PrinsJan's Aztec and Maya Dancers Mix / 90watts)
2. PrinsJan Dennsi Ruyer - Space (90watts)


3. Hi-Fi Mystery School - 7th Ray (Rauwkost Remix / 90watts)


Dennis Ruyer

Dennis Ruyer Facts

Origin: Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 23-07-1972.

Career: Dennis started with pirate radio in his younger days, nowadays he's bringing electronic music to the masses on the #1 radio station in the Netherlands: Radio538.

Passions: No music, no life! He gets his kicks at the radio studio and the Dugout studio in an old whorehouse with his partner in crime PrinsJan.

Drinks: molten Ben&Jerry's cookie dough ice cream, Bollinger champagne, chocolate milk (especially because of the brown moustache side effect).

Inspirations: Mammals, nightlife, Dalai Lama, Amsterdam , NYC, Bob Ross, Antarctica, Texas.

Dislikes: China because of their disrespect for human rights, people who kill people, people who kill whales and other fun loving animals.

The only good reasons to wake Dennis up: Good music, Call of Duty on Xbox live ;-), a former topmodel cooking delicious food.

Movies: Volver, Style Wars, A Clockwork Orange, High Fidelity , Microcosmos, Kroonjuwelen (a documentary about graffiti art in Amsterdam).

Authors and Books: Robert "Banksy" Banks, Life After Death by Deepak Chopra, Red Books by Andy Warhol, American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis and Last Night a DJ Saved My Life by Frank Broughton and Bill Brewster.

Music: New Cleus, Jean Michel Jarre, Zapp , Kleeer, KRS-One, Kruder&Dorfmeister and Dance Department.