What is the Jacket Technique

Releasing the past with the Jacket Technique

What is the Jacket Technique?
The Jacket Technique is a powerful and liberating release technique which allows you to release your excess baggage - stored in your ‘backpack‘ and originating from your past - such as negative life patterns, unprocessed trauma's, fears, insecurities, self punishment programs and convictions. The Jacket Technique was developed by Hans de Waard in 2002.

We carry our excess baggage within our physical and energetic bodies and our subconscious mind. Unprocessed emotions for example are stored in our body, constricting our tissue and organs causing dysfunction and feelings of stress, tension and unease. Negative life programs are stored in our subcounsious mind creating negative thoughts and forcing you to relive these negative programs over and over again.

Within the Jacket Technique your excess baggage is examined, sorted and defined as jackets each with a specific content and name such as the Cord Jacket, the Trauma Jacket, the Projection Jacket, and more. We wear dozens of those unhealthy ‘jackets’ blocking the access to our feelings and causing health problems both physical and psychological and our life becomes less efficient and less enjoyable. When you wear too many jackets you can’t see who you really are, what suits you and what really nurtures you in life.

The Jacket Technique is not just a releasing method. It gives you the essential awareness you need to be able to release your jackets and stimulates you to go with the flow of Life again.

For whom and what conditions can be helped with this technique?
This effective technique helps people who feel stuck in life and/or suffering from stress, fear, sadness, fatigue, insecurities, frustrations, restrictions, negative life programs, tensions, trauma and other common ailments which reduce pleasure and competency in life. Relationships can be improved as can general health and wellbeing.  This Technique removes blocks to progress and does so quickly and effectively, restoring health and vitality.

What is the effect of a Jacket Technique session?
Ten thousands people have experienced  this method. The majority describe feeling more energised, happier, healthier and with more confidence and faith in life.

- The essence of a meeting seldom lies in the words that are spoken! -

So how does it work?
Within the Jacket technique the practitioner works with his or her High Self and the specific transforming energy we use within the Jacket Technique. Transforming means to converting a ’negative’ energy into a positive. After receiving the essential insights and consciousness behind the symptoms, this ’cleansing’ energy is sent with intent by the Jacket Technique practitioner and converts our excess baggage into positive energy in a specific and effective way. Then our own energy can once again vibrate in harmony. We feel better again! Simple but so effective.

Book 'The Jacket technique' - review:
Book The Jacket techniqueHave you tried to work with your beliefs to make positive changes in your life, but fallen short? Then Hans de Waard's The Jacket Technique is a must-read. Written in clear layman's terms, de Waard tackles the most challenging areas of personal reality creation with great skill, compassion, and practicality. His 'Jacket Technique' provides the skilful means to uncover and finally neutralize the core beliefs at the root of negative relationships, health, creativity, and abundance manifestations. He integrates difficult themes like reincarnation, karma, and the soul in a fun and optimistic way. In short, De Waard puts the responsibility of reality creation exactly where it belongs, on the individual, and provides a useful set of tools to overcome any obstacle you face. ~ Paul M. Helfrich, Ph.D., www.newworldview.com

For those who seek healing?

  • To access your free online Jacket Technique releasing session click here and use the login code: JTOS123
  • Or, subscribe to our free monthly distance healing Jacket Technique release session. Hans de Waard, creator of The Jacket Technique, is offering a free monthly full release session. If you want to join our free release session at a distance, please fill in the subscription form on this page.  When the session starts, focus on what you would like to remove, then enjoy and let life take care of you. Just read in advance the tips and comments on this page for best results
  • In the Jacket Technique workshops Part I and II, you learn, step by step, to become conscious of the emotional baggage or excess baggage you are carrying, to recognise and accept it and to effectively let go at your own pace, to subsequently go with the flow of life again with increasing confidence and renewed life energy.
  • Or, with help of a qualified Jacket Technique practitioner :
    qualified Jacket Technique practitioners are professionally trained. They can release all - limiting - jackets and determine which jackets should be released to address individual problems. An individual session can also be performed from a distance through telephone or skype. You can find a certified practitioner here on this site. If you want an individual skype session with Hans de Waard, just fill in the contact form to schedule a convenient time and date.

Note: Always consult a qualified medical doctor in the first instance to exclude any serious medical illness. 

Training for practitioners
Jacket Technique international (JTI) offers several professional trainings. Many thousands of practitioners have been trained already worldwide and all are fully supported in their practice. As a Jacket Technique practitioner you are allowed to give Jacket Technique workshops and individual Jacket Technique sessions. As a Jacket Technique practitioner you can offer Jacket Technique workshops and individual session. Read more >

Sometimes it takes courage to liberate yourself from the place that keeps you as a prisoner

Hans de Waard