label: 90watts
catno: 9039
release date: 2010-04-20
style: Tech House
form: wav, mp3
albumart for catno:  9039

90watts is celebrating springtime with this fresh new music from Romania.

DJ Optick is one of the big rising stars in his country, with his award winning “Revolution” song, a featuring with Tara McDonald. He also took the second place, with his track “Maya” which is really a hype in Romania.

It’s an honour to us to release this hot track exclusively to the world, together with a superb club track called “Kukta”. Last but not least, one of our favourite label producers Marten Fisher made a very special remix of Maya with even an additional vocal touch on top.

About Optick & Ciprian Lemnaru

Optick and Ciprian Lemnaru started an experiment in 2007, as a result the track called "Burning me" exploded in all the dace charts all across Romania. In 2008 they produced a remix for the romanian band Morandi for their "Angels" track. The remix is still being played even today. The beginning of 2009, was done with a warm-up studio work resulting a remix for the russian artist Vitas with his Princess of Lammermoor.


dj optickDJ Optick

It all started in '94 when he discovered that he could entertain his class mates by playing the music he loved. His music career from that moment started to go in the right direction. In 96' as he was 16 years old, he started his own radio show, on Radio 21 in his home town, Miercurea Ciuc.

Optick also established a residency in the biggest club in the region. In 2000 after finishing the army service, he moved to Bucharest where he got the job he always dreamed of, working in the main Radio 21 station. Coming to Bucharest resulted in the discovery of his true passion, playing house music. Soon he developed the idea of promoting house music on a radio show, called Obsession. The show became very popular across the country in a short period of time.

Nowadays, he spends a lot of time producing original material, hoping to succeed in launching his first single and album this summer. That does not come in the way of his very busy DJ traveling all over Romania on gigs every weekend.


ciprian lemnaruCiprian Lemnaru:

At the age of 4 he started to take piano lessons and prepare him self to take exams to enter the elementary school George Enescu. In 5-th grade he wanted to study another  instrument, this time  trombone. He also been a part in school choir from 5-th grade to 12 grade and also in the school orchestra from 9 grade till 12 grade.

When he finished the high-school he went directly in one of the fineast well-known studios in Bucharest/Romania working for about 6 years whit one of the top pop/rock bands in Romania.
In this time he had a several projects/bands and filmed a few videoclips also he produced top artists from romania and music styles from ambiental / pop / rock / r&b / dance / etnic and electronic.

In 2009 he opened his own production studio and label.