What can you release with the Jacket Technique?

Which jackets do we wear originating from the past?

Within the Jacket Technique your excess baggage is examined and defined as jackets each with a specific content and name. When we wear too many unhealthy ‘jackets’, we might get health problems both physical and psychological and our life becomes less efficient and less enjoyable.

We wear dozens of those unhealthy ‘jackets’. During a Jacket technique session these limiting jackets are converted into a positive energy. Here is a limited overview of the jackets we wear. You can read more in detail about the specific content of these jackets in my book 'The Jacket Technique'.

  • Trauma jacket: The trauma jacket consists of all the unprocessed emotions that we have linked to events that we’ve experienced as traumatic. These emotions are stored in our physical body causing feelings of stress, tension and unease. By releasing this jacket with the Jacket technique these emotions are converted into positive energy. By simply transforming emotions, the memories remain but lose their negative connotations. A remarkable number of people indicate that they clearly experience the loss of the negative connotations of the traumatic moment four to five weeks after taking off the jacket. They still remember the situation, but are no longer hindered by it.
  • Cord Jacket: The cord jacket consists of all the restrictive energy cords we have with other people, which trap us, drain our energy and restrict our awareness growth. Many people experience incredible freedom once they´ve taken off this jacket.
  • Projection Jacket: This projection jacket consists of the energy from all the negative words and thoughts you have projected onto yourself or have been projected by others onto you. Here you can consider hate, jealousy, doubt, uncertainty, etc.
  • Stress jacket: The stress jacket encompasses all the trapped emotions and residual excess baggage which cause the wrenching, restless feelings of tension and agitation in our bodies. Besides this, this jacket also encompasses all the energy blockages that can disturb the removal of emotions and energy waste products. After all jackets have been taken off, it becomes easier to adapt your thoughts and life mentality so that you experience life as less stressful.
  • Self destruction jacket: This jacket consists of those parts of our excess baggage that form the destructive part in ourselves. By removing this jacket you will attrack more positivity in Life and you will act more according to your feelings.
  • Curse, spells and black magic jacket: By taking off this jacket, the energy of these negative projections,including the bad energies we attract, can be very effectively transformed and/or removed.
  • Fatigue jacket: This jacket encompasses all the blocking energy in our chakra- and meridian system. To keep this energy system clean during daily life, you only have to do a few minutes of Jacket Technique healing every day. More about this later. To make things clear; taking off the stress jacket helps keep the chakra- and meridian system clean by transforming the blockages that could disturb its self-cleansing ability.
  • Karma jacket: This jacket consists of the extra karma we have created by reliving negative life programs over and over again.
  • Miasma jacket: By releasing this jacket we transform the total miasmic contamination - blocks to health - and thereby eliminate an essential source of negative thoughts and destructive life patterns. Then over time, our thoughts automatically become more positive and we act more according to our feelings again. This decreases or eliminates the negative inner energy flow and makes us feel better. The rate at which our bodies recover is directly related to the functioning of our body‘s self-healing properties.
  • Imprisonment jacket: The jacket consists of all blocking emotions, such as the fear of being cheerful, that imprison (sub) aspects of the child inside us. This includes whatever it‘s created and/or maintains. By taking off this jacket, the part of us which is imprisoned, is unreachable, the part that wasn‘t allowed to be, is freed! After taking off this jacket many people, particularly children, become much freer in living their daily lives.
  • Nail jacket: All of us have been taken for a ride by someone in our lives. This can happen in any aspect of life, in a friendship or a relationship, at work, etc. It‘s like being stabbed in the back by the other person. This isn‘t just something that I’ve made up. It really happens! Not with a real knife –not counting exceptions– but with an energy knife! This energy knife looks like the old nails that were used to build wooden boats. These nails enter our hearts and disturb the flow of energy there. By taking off this jacket in combination with the trauma jacket, you can let go of the situation.
  • Residual energy jacket: This jacket consists of a collection of all the harmful - energetical - residues that have accumulated in our bodies as a result of the substances that we‘ve ingested during our lives. These include food, medicine, etc.
  • Addiction jacket: Consists of all excess baggage causing our addictions. This doesn‘t mean that you‘ll immediately give up smoking when you take off the addictions jacket. It simply becomes easier to let go of this destructive life habit. But of course there is also the physical and social addiction, by which our bodies have grown used to a daily dose of nicotine and the act of smoking at certain times.
  • Electrosmog jacket: In taking off the electrosmog jacket, all the disruptive energy that has entered our physical and energetic system due to electrosmog is transformed.
  • Selfpunishment programs jacket: This jacket consists of all selfpunishment programs we have stored within our subcouncious mind. By releasing this jacket Life becomes more fullfilling.
  • Virus program jacket: This jacket consists of all disruptive virus programs which undermine our positive life programs. When you take off the virus program jacket, your life will proceed more smoothly. In this case, the Jacket Technique works like a kind of antivirus program. Norton would be proud of me.
  • Copy and paste - jacket: This jacket encompasses all ballast negative to us, which we‘ve adopted from our environment and our society.
  • Jing chi jacket: In taking off the Jing Chi jacket, we remove all energy blockages that can disturb the ability, the willingness and the actual supplementing of this essential life energy. When you take off this jacket, it doesn’t mean that you immediately supplement this Jing Chi energy. It must first start flowing again as it were. You can support this process by means of a simple daily visualization. Let, during one minute and in your thoughts, life energy stream from the surrounding ‘air‘ towards your kidneys with every breath.
  • Inner child jacket: This jacket consists of all the restrictive beliefs, patterns and untreated emotions by which our inner child is blocked.
  • Talent blocking jackets: A talent is your less blocked quality. These jackets consists of all beliefs, projections, specific restrictive programs and fears, which block our initial qualities.
  • Uncounsious unwillingness jacket: Consists of all emotions, convictions and life programs, etc. that have created unwillingness on a subcounsiouness level such as unwillingness to stand in you power, unwillingness to heal yourself, unwilliingness to have a fullfilling relationship, etc.
  • Several health blocking jackets: By releasing these jackets your health will improve!