Workshop Jacket Technique

learn how to release yourself from the past with the Jacket Technique Workshops

In the Jacket Technique workshops Part I and II, you learn, step by step, to become conscious of the emotional baggage or excess baggage you are carrying, to recognise and accept it and to effectively let go at your own pace, to subsequently go with the flow of life again with increasing confidence and renewed life energy.


The Jacket Technique Workshop | Learning to Let Go yourself - Part I
This workshop focuses on letting go of the following issues:

  • Unresolved trauma
  • Fears, insecurities and unresolved emotions
  • Limiting life patterns, convictions and emotions
  • Limiting life programmes such as self-reproach, etc.
  • Fatigue
  • Stress, tension and unease
  • Limiting connections
  • Cursing, swearing, etc.
  • Blocked emotions
  • Being stuck in life on different levels
  • Poverty, setbacks and shortcomings

This first workshop is structured as follows:
Becoming conscious
Consciousness is an essential prerequisite for letting go effectively. Therefore, during this workshop, Hans de Waard provides insight into the creation, the use and effects off all the baggage we carry, such as limiting life patterns, unconscious unwillingness, self-punishment programmes, (core)traumas, negative thoughts and beliefs, etc.
Acceptance and the ability to embrace
Acceptance and the ability to embrace are also essential factors for letting go effectively. By first accepting and, better still, “embracing” a situation, conflict, illness or condition, it relaxes and thus makes space for healing, improvement and release.
Letting go | learning to let go
During this workshop, you will learn an effective technique for letting go, in which you can immediately release the baggage that you are currently experiencing. You will also learn how you can simply let go of limiting connections and emotions between yourself and others, enabling you to have more energy and harmony in your life again.
Back in the Flow of Life again
In this practical section, you will be offered valuable tips and learn an effective, short visualisation exercise that will help you go along with the flow of life on a daily basis. Thus, you become mobile again, you become visible again and you prevent relapses.
This Jacket Technique workshop Part I comprises two half days and also forms the initial basis of training to become a certified Jacket Technique therapist.

Who is it for?
This “Letting Go” Jacket Technique Workshop is aimed at anyone who wants to let go effectively, for whatever reason.

The cost of this workshop is €85 | NOK900 | £70 (incl. training materials, coffee and tea).

Jacket Technique Workshop | Learning to Let Go yourself - Part II
After this first workshop, you can participate in the Jacket Technique Workshop Part II - if desired. This Jacket Technique Workshop Part II is a continuation of the Jacket Technique Workshop Part I. In this workshop, you learn what specific baggage and/or external factors are - partly - responsible for creating, attracting to you and/or feeding:

  • Physical symptoms and conditions
  • Psychological complaints and behavioural disturbances
  • Negative thinking
  • Relationship issues
  • Addictions

Support for physical healing and protection
You will subsequently learn to support your physical and energy systems in the complete recovery process and to protect yourself against specific negative influences from outside.
We also spend time on:

  • Reconnecting with your original blueprint
  • Living in the Now
  • Improving the connection between body and soul

Who is it for?
This second workshop is available to everyone who attended the first workshop.

The cost of this workshop is €85 | NOK900 | £70 (incl. training materials, coffee and tea).